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You see a strange light. Your wife begs you to stay, but you feel like it's not up to you.

Explore a strange world while mastering your shapeshifting capabilities. Unlock a multitude of shapes and discover their strengths and weaknesses. If you are determined, master your size. Become as small as a mouse to be able to crawl through narrow passageways, or grow titanic to become invulnerable. As you encounter challenging puzzles, various foes waylay your path.

Will you learn the truth about this place? Will you become the master of your form?




Arrows to move.

X to JUMP (or fly, depends on shape).

C to ATTACK (depends on shape).


V + UP - Grow.

V + DOWN - Shrink.


There are a lot of combos. You can see them in game. Press the three specified keys in quick succession to morph into the desired shape. To morph to any shape aside from the defaults, you have to be in the default shapes first.


This game was made for Ludum Dare 35 - Shapeshifting by myself with help from a friend by the name of Amir Hayek (no LD account).

I drew inspiration from the X-Men villain Apocalypse. Game inspirations include Gameboy games and Don't Look Back by Terry Cavanagh.

Tools used:

HaxeFlixel, paint.net, sfxr, OGMO editor, Yal's Chiptune Pack 2, and CREDAN font by Jupiter Hadley.