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You are adrift in the void. No star is near, and no planets.

Without fuel to make a hyperspace jump, you are resigned to death.

You will never see home again.

Or will you?

Adventure in this miniature galaxy where the player ship is a single blue pixel, the planets are small squares, and every color has a meaning. Mine metals from various desolate planets, or alternatively attack inhabited planets for their rich resources. Trade metals for fuel to jump to the next star, or collect it from the orbits of nearby gas giants.

Be careful while you are minding your own business, as space pirates and other hazards will hound you.

With a bit of luck, you might just be able to make it home.

But do you want to?




1) Arrow keys to move.

2) X to shoot.

3) C for hyperspace travel and dialogue progression.


Made for Game Zanga 2018. The theme was "MINIMALISM".

Thank you for playing!


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how can i skip first pag e??

C+DOWN (Yes that is a down arrow apparently xD)