Incomplete version (but playable).


Richard 'Dick' McShooty is the coolest space cowboy in the galaxy. He blows up bad guys and sleeps with beautiful alien ladies.

You're not him.

You're not the hero who flies the awesome spaceship. In this game, you play The Other Ship.

The one whose only job is to keep Dick's ship in perfect working order


Fly around grabbing scrap from blasted enemies. Deliver scrap to damaged modules in Dick's ship to fix them. Alternatively shoot scrap that you've grabbed using the X button, but aim well.

Watch out for friendly fire! Dick's packing serious heat, but you're too much of a side-character for him to pay attention to you.

Dick's ship has 2 cannons, 1 shield generator (nothing but torpedoes can penetrate the shield), one shot-absorbing module (just tanks shots otherwise intended for other modules), and a Dock. If the Dock is destroyed and your ship explodes, you lose, as you have nowhere to emerge from. Otherwise, you will always respawn at the dock once you die.



1) ARROWS to move.

2) X to shoot grabbed scrap.

3) + / - / 0 to control volume.


Made in 48 hours for GGJ2020.


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